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North East Extensions has seen many clever operators investing in their current home instead of moving properties, wise customers are protecting themselves from the North’s increasing property industry and the overall rising cost of swapping residence. With the specific guidance of our knowledgeable team, you can not only add value but improve the quality of life at your existing house with an extension. We specialise in discovering additional living space whilst keeping the original feel of the property with our tailored design and build procedure which will be instilled in the current structure.

What is a Single Storey Extension?

A single-storey extension is where extra space is added to your home on the ground floor. This is usually achieved by making existing rooms larger, or by adding whole entire rooms simply joined by doorways only. A single-storey extension is a modern way to add more space to your home and to link directly with the garden. Many people are choosing to invest in their homes in this manner to avoid the additional ongoing costs of relocating.


    Single Storey Extension Newcastle

    How Much Does Building a Single Storey Extension Cost?

    As with all estimates, the cost of building a single storey extension will vary depending on the size of the property and the scale of the project. It is important to remember that the cost will ultimately be determined by the square footage required and you must factor in varying styles of fixtures and fittings in addition to VAT.

    The average cost of a typical single storey extension is usually around £2000 per square metre whereas a two-storey extension can be in the region of £3000 per square metre. You can expect starting prices to begin at anything between £35-55k depending on which type of extension you choose.

    What do Storey Extensions offer?

    Additional living space is always eye-catching and will lure in potential buyers. It can no doubt be an attractive additional advantage when selling your home if it is built correctly. Unless it is built in proportion and mirrors the quality of the original build then there is a risk of devaluing the property. This makes choosing your extension provider even more important. Statistically speaking, an asking price can increase significantly if a property includes a professionally built extension. This, of course, will require a larger budget and timeframe but could significantly increase value over time.

    Not only will it look great but your extension is so modern and practical you will be the envy of all your friends, neighbours and visitors. Even the postman will be jealous. An extension provides valuable extra living space, more storage options and significantly increases the value of your home. Your quality of life will improve as the family absorbs the added luxury of your new open-plan interior in style. Depending on which style you choose, the benefits vary and are briefly explained below;

    Flat-roof option;

    • A flat roof tends to be more cost-effective to build than a pitched roof
    • Flat roofs offer a more modern appearance
    • Skylights and light wells are compatible and fit easier
    • Rainwater will run off due to the slight pitch on flat roofs

    Pitched roof option;

    • Pitched roofs normally mix better with the style and suitability of more traditional homes and are often used in planning departments
    • Higher ceilings incorporated
    • Pitched roofs tend to be more durable than flat roofs

    Why use North East Extensions – Your Local Storey Extension Specialists

    You will be assigned a North East Extensions expert renovations consultant who will personally manage the smooth execution of your dream extension remaining in budget and delivering completion on time. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to professionally guide you from start to finish and pride ourselves on the rapport we build with our clients as we endeavour to exceed their expectations.

    Our highly trained staff are extensively monitored and given feedback to improve performance and we at North East extensions always encourage them to go the extra mile for each customer. Our comprehensive service has satisfied thousands of happy extension owners and we would love to add you that exclusive list. Let us handle single storey extension project and become a part of the North East Extensions network where nothing is too much trouble and we will never let you down. Our value for money service is unrivalled and the authentic genuine experience you will receive with our established and reputable company will leave you impressed, astonished and eager to recommend us to anyone who will listen. Our vast range of services includes;

    • Home extensions
    • Ground floor extensions
    • Single storey extensions
    • Double-storey extensions
    • Adding a second storey
    • Home additions
    • Deck extensions
    • Interior design
    • Floor plans
    • Electrical work
    • Plumbing
    • Bespoke designs
    • Custom builds
    • Construction
    • Demolition

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