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As specialists in providing extra living space whilst maintaining the traditional look of the property, our individual design and build plan can help you with your rear extension needs. North East Extensions recognises that by shrewdly investing in their existing property rather than switching location, many homeowners are protecting themselves from the North’s inflating property market and the overall high expense of moving home. With the expert assistance of our specialist team, you can not only add value but improve the quality of life at your existing plot with an extension.

What is a house rear extension?

A rear extension is a renovation project that can range from an extension on one part of the rear of the home or across the complete width of the property. If you don’t live in a conservation area or are not restricted by Listed Building consent, it’s possible your rear extension falls under the conditions of Permitted Development. To break it down, you can extend up to 8m from the existing rear wall of your home on a detached property, or up to 6m on a semi-detached or terraced house.


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    How much does home rear extension cost?

    The average spend on materials for a rear extension naturally varies depending on several contributing factors, predominantly the scale of the extension, not forgetting the completed finish. Many people these days are choosing rear extensions with open plans containing large glass windows. The glass windows concerned are very expensive and often cost tens of thousands of pounds which is a big hit for any budget to take.

    Extension size for approximate costing;

    Small Rear Extension – £15,000 – £20,000 (15 m 2)
    Medium Rear Extension – £30,000 – £40,000 (25 m 2)
    Large Rear Extension – £50,000 – £60,000 (50 m 2)

    What does it offer?

    Enhancing your property with a home extension provides a wealth of rewarding and modern features, assisting you to reduce both time and cash while absorbing a spacious home with endless possibilities. If you are starting to outgrow where you live, then building an extension is a viable alternative to relocating entirely.

    Creating space at the back of the property and simultaneously opening it up to the garden area in the form of a rear extension can really transform any house. It provides a great solution for those without a side return option like terraced houses. Detached or semi-detached home owners have the choice to fuse their side-return with rear extension in the form of a wrap around extension of course and further expand the available space.

    Building an extension offers a cost-effective alternative to switching home when more living space is required, extending your existing house often works out to be cheaper than moving once you factor in all the additional costs like solicitors fees, removals, packing and stamp duty to name a few.

    Why use North East Extensions?

    Our extensively trained staff are intensely supervised and supplied with feedback to increase performance and we at North East extensions always support going the extra mile for all clients. Our broad service has satisfied thousands of satisfied extension owners and we would love to include you on that illustrious list. Allow us to build your extension and include you in the North East Extensions network where nothing is too much trouble and we will never let you down. Our value for money service is unparalleled and the authentic genuine experience you will receive with our established and reputable company will leave you flabbergasted, positive and itching to recommend us to anyone you meet.

    You will be appointed a North East Extensions renovations specialist who will individually manage the flawless erection of your sophisticated extension keeping in budget and providing completion in time. We have the expertise, know-how and experience to professionally lead you from beginning to end and take pride in the connection we make with our customers as we endeavour to surpass their expectations.

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