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North East Extensions has observed insightful operators investing in their current home rather than moving properties, educated customers are protecting themselves from the North’s increasing property industry and the overall rising cost of swapping residence. With the specific guidance of our knowledgeable team, you can not only add value but improve the quality of life at your existing house with an extension. We specialise in discovering additional living space whilst keeping the original feel of the property with our bespoke design and build protocols which will be ingrained in the current structure.

What is a garage extension?

A garage extension is a renovation project where a traditional garage is transformed into anything you want it to be. Changing the stereotypical dumping ground for junk and unsightly things you cling onto is a decision that you won’t regret. A new bedroom, home-office, a gym, a mini-pub/bar, man-cave are just a small example of what you can achieve with a garage makeover. The value of adding a garage extension isn’t just financial, you get the extra space you require without the stress of moving house whilst increasing the value of your property. A garage conversion is an extremely efficient way to make the most of your existing space, however, it does require careful thought and planning. This is to ensure you maximise the opportunity, the value that it could add to your land and get it right the first time.


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    What is the cost of professional garage conversion?

    How much your garage extension will cost will be dependent on various factors like:

    ● The measurements of the garage
    ● The type of garage extension you choose e.g. a single or double-storey build
    ● If there are walls to be removed
    ● The downstairs layout reconfiguration
    ● Specific materials chosen to use

    Of course, there are several elements that combine to determine what your extension will cost, an estimated general figure for a garage extension will be roughly £14,000. However, if the roof does not need work then you can save a substantial amount of around 2k.

    North East Extensions include planning, project management, building, and aftercare as standard service when you choose us. As garage extension professionals, we can help you make the most of the space you have at your property.

    What does Garage Conversions offer?

    Many people either don’t appreciate or are unaware of the potential increase in their properties equity by adding a garage extension. Don’t be naive to the fact that even though the initial cost may seem high, in the long term it could make you thousands of pounds. It can be a crucial factor if you choose to sell one day as it is a proven sought after element buyers are seeking. Without you realising, the addition of a garage extension could help you sell your home quicker than expected.

    Other benefits of choosing a garage extension include the ability to extend your home cheaper than other types of extension. A garage conversion will not cost you as much as extending a kitchen for example. Any double garage owners could utilise this advantage by converting half the space, leaving somewhere to park your car but still reaping the benefits of the extra space.

    Why use North East Extensions for your Garage Conversion Project?

    You will be designated a qualified North East Extensions renovations consultant who will personally oversee the smooth execution of your desired extension remaining in budget and delivering completion punctually. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to professionally guide you in all elements and pride ourselves on the rapport we build with our customers as we endeavour to exceed their expectations. Our vigorously trained staff are thoroughly monitored and given feedback to improve performance and we at North East extensions always motivate them to go the extra mile for each customer.

    We’ll Help You from Planning, Design, and Building

    Our comprehensive service has satisfied thousands of happy extension owners and we would love to add you that exclusive list. Let us handle your extension and become a part of the North East Extensions network where nothing is too much trouble and we will never let you down. Our value for money service is unrivalled and the authentic genuine experience you will receive with our established and reputable company will leave you taken back, pleasantly surprised and dying to recommend us to anyone who will listen.

    Our vast range of services includes;

    • Home additions
    • Deck extensions
    • Interior design
    • Floor plans
    • Electrical work
    • Plumbing
    • Bespoke designs
    • Custom builds
    • Construction
    • Demolition
    • Home extensions
    • Ground floor extensions
    • Single storey extensions
    • Double-storey extensions
    • Adding a second storey

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